A mark of quality

The staffing industry gives private and public companies access to a flexible workforce while giving the workers a valuable gateway into the labour market. The industry builds experience and skills, provides flexibility and works inclusively. 

NHO Service

NHO Service is the largest trade organisation for staffing companies in Norway and its main purpose is to create security for each employee and customer and ensure serious relationships in the industry.

At Rett Bemanning all our contracts for both the employer and the temps are prepared by NHO and anchored in law.


StartBANK is a common supplier registry used by purchasers in construction, management, insurance and real estate in Norway, as support for serious suppliers and with updated and verified supplier information. With 4,400 suppliers that have been evaluated based on predetermined acceptance criteria, StartBANK is a fair, open and safe solution for choosing reliable suppliers. This gives the suppliers the opportunity to compete on equal terms and contributes to the use of serious operators and creates new business opportunities for both purchasers and suppliers.