How to ensure the job

You have written a good application and are coming in for an interview. What now? If you have gotten this far, it means the employer considers you qualified for the position so far. Now it is important that you give a good first impression, introduce yourself and remember to show interest in the position.

Prepare well

Find out about the company through their website, read through the job posting and your application. Think carefully about why you applied for the job and why you fit the position. Prepare questions you want to ask during the interview and preferably write them down. Also include examples of relevant past work.


Come on time! If there is a central switchboard there, introduce yourself and remember that whoever you meet might be asked to give their first impression of you. Remember who you will interview with. A firm handshake and eye contact are positive.


Bring notes, resume, application, possibly examples of previously completed work, certificates and any diplomas to the interview. Dress well and appropriately to the job you are looking for.

Take notes during the interview and be forward with respect to the questions about the position, show that you have prepared yourself. And not least, you must be a good listener.

You are allowed to be nervous, but avoid chewing gum, fiddling with pens etc.


During the interview you will be asked to introduce yourself and go over your resume. Remember that interviews are looking to see your personality as much as to get an impression of your actual skills. So do not be afraid to talk about yourself without into too much detail. You have to sell yourself.


It is often difficult to know what questions you are going to get. But it is a good idea to be well prepared about who you are. Interviews will focus on results from previous work, your motivation for the job, why you applied and whether you fit in socially. You can get far by being prepared and being able to sell yourself.

After the interview

Before leaving the interview, feel free to ask about the process going forward, this will give you a basis for a follow-up. Contact the interviewer 1-2 days after the day they said they will get back to you to inquire about the status. You are also allowed to send an e-mail where you thank them for the interview after having been there.