Hints and tips for job applicants

A good resume is essential in a job search process and the purpose is for employers to be able to sift out the most potential candidates for an initial interview. In such a process there are often many similar applicants and you have to be able to stand out from the crowd to be picked. The goal of an application and resume is to get an interview!

Writing a good application and resume is difficult but there are many tips that can help you along the way. Regardless of the tips you have to write what reflects you and your qualifications and you must find ways to separate yourself from the other applicants. Invite the reader to want to meet you.

Before you write an application, call the employer and ask questions relevant to the position that have not already been answered in the ad. Refer to the phone conversation in your application and always follow up on your application after the deadline has expired. Show interest in the position.

Tips for a good application and resume

  1. Read the ad carefully and preferably keep it next to you while you write your application. Are you the right candidate who fits the advertiser’s expectations? Make sure that your application responds to the expectations they have for the applicant. Your cover letter should be a maximum of 1 page.

  2. Have structure in your resume. It should include personal information as well as a good profile picture. You must have relevant education and work experience in reverse chronological order along with key qualifications. Also include relevant courses etc. Other things that are relevant to employers are also important, such as computer skills, languages, driver's license etc. 

    Also make sure that it is clear and transparent so that those who read it get a quick overview and impression of you as a person. Remember that many applications go through and not all of them are read as carefully. The clearer you are the better. 

    Use clear headings, fonts and colours. If your resume has multiple pages, make sure that your personal details are on each page so nothing gets lost in a sea of papers.

  3. Dare to be creative! For example: If they are looking for a creative person, show it in your application and resume. Then you stand out!

  4. Always read through! Read through and preferably get someone else to read through it for you. Make sure the text flows and that there are no typos. Remember that the application should reflect you and make sure you will get the interview. Also remember that your resume is used in interviews as a starting point to get to know you and your skills. You must be able to vouch for everything you have written.

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