Finding the dream job.

Being a jobseeker is very demanding and applying for advertised positions is not always enough. You have to be an active applicant, write good, customised applications and have a lot of courage.

Make yourself searchable

Get a good overview of the job market by registering on various candidate databases and ordering various job monitoring services where possible. There are also a lot of employers today who prefer to hire someone they know, either through acquaintances or another network. Therefore it is important to expand your network and make it known that you are applying for jobs and what you are looking for. Make yourself searchable.

Be active

Do not expect the job to come to you, reach out and make contact with companies you are considering as your next employer. If you are sending an open application always call ahead and inquire about who to send it to. Introduce yourself clearly and be humble.

Contact us

At Rett Bemanning we see it as a great advantage to know our job seekers, both for permanent and temporary positions. So contact us if you are a jobseeker who thinks their dream job might be just around the corner.