Being a temp at Rett Bemanning

Being a temp at Rett Bemanning means that we are your employer and you are on assignment with one of our customers. Just as important as supplying skilled temps to our customers is that we give good jobs to our temps. The duration and content of the assignments depends on what you want to work with and what our customers need.

Whether you are between jobs or are a new graduate and need work experience, being a temp can be a great opportunity to get into a company.  As a temp you get the opportunity to try many different industries, companies and jobs that contribute to better skills and an exciting resume. You acquire good work experience and it is not unusual for a temp to get an offer for a permanent job in a company you are assigned to.

Rett Bemanning is a member of NHO Service and is HSE certified in Startbank, seals of approval in the staffing industry. For you as a temp this means that Rett Bemanning safeguards your interests and rights as an employee.

Being a temp can open doors for you and give you the work experience you need to achieve your goals. 

To become a temp with us first create your own profile and resume, then contact the local Rett Bemanning office near you to meet with one of our consultants so they can get to know you. This increases your chances when our consultants are looking for candidates like you.